Drowning World in Photograph

Gideon Mendel created a series of photographs showing our drowning world globally, I thought this was inspiring how the difference in culture are joined by something like flooding. It’s something that has been sparked in the news for a long time and is something people are thinking about, i think its interesting to photograph the feelings in photograph by people globally experiencing it.

Drowning World

Drowning World

Drowning World

Drowning World


“Since 2007, Gideon Mendel has watched the effects of flooding in the UK, India, Haiti, Pakistan, Australia and Thailand, picturing those caught up within their homes on old Rolleiflex cameras using film.

“Making these images often involved returning with them through waist-high floodwaters so they could show their circumstances to the world,” he recalls, returning to record footage for two accompanying video works.

“My intention is to depict them as individuals, not as nameless statistics. Coming from disparate parts of the world, their faces show us their linked vulnerability despite the vast differences in their lives and circumstances.”

Mendel says he shows his subjects “within the landscape of their own personal calamity”, and it’s never been a theme he’s shied from, however unsettling that might prove.”

I like how he has documented something that is not always reported on, the effects on people in their homes with flooding and making people connect with them through familiarity. It also raises awareness of an environmental problem effecting people all over the globe they are inspiring as this is an issue people are being faced with all over the globe just like many other environmental impacts…

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http://www.culture24.org.uk/science%20%26%20nature/environment/art386724 : Copyright © Culture24 unless otherwise stated.Information published here was believed to be correct at the time of publication.



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