Same world, yet worlds apart


Josef Koudelka

“A good photo is a miracle.” Joseph Koudelka

I have always wanted to photograph the gypsy culture, the fact they are so different and interesting in their values and culture. I have been following the series on channel 4 called ‘My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding’. I have very much enjoyed learning about their life and their behaviours and opinions. I decided to look for a photographer who has gained access to their homes and life and share it with you.

“At first, Koudelka was attracted by the physical beauty of the Gypsies of Eastern Europe, the strangeness of their movements and their facial expression, by their clothing and ornaments; later he was attracted by their life-style. In the end he was completely absorbed by his subject. 
He developed a great feeling for the Gypsies; drawn to them, he sought to learn the origin of those things which first attracted him. He worked constantly to get to know them better, in depth, in order to establish profound contacts. He devoted himself to his subject with burning intensity. 
Koudelka achieves restraint and clarity, and a respect for human beings. His work reflects a long evolution of his vision from the external to the inherent and ultimate nature of his subjects.”

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Slovakia 1967

I have been aware in local newspapers and online many people being angry towards the Gypsies for different reasons, and i feel something like this needs to be done again, I feel not knowing of ones culture makes people feel unfamiliar and therefore not understanding of their way of life and then that may lead to criticism, of what they think they may know. The series big fat gypsy wedding is a great for showing there way of life but then could publicized anger due to the amount of money they own, I feel passionate towards their culture and would love to have the chance to document their way of life one day, but understandably after all the threats and anger that they receive they may feel reluctant  to have someone photograph them but maybe they would need that voice, to be shown how and why they live this different way of life…

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