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Welcome to my blog Janine Harrison Photography

I first became interested in photography when I lived in Exeter, I decided I enjoyed pictures of nature and decided to go capture some. I have always been creative since I was young, I studied art at GCSE and went on to do my own work later on. Since practicing photography on my own my knowledge and achievements in photography have become stronger.

My aims within photography are to capture what i see through my own eyes but with the lens, I want to show life in an “arty” way. I wish to engage with my viewers and to connect with them on a different level than what speaking can do. I believe connection is the key in photography, you have to communicate with the viewer through photograph. I wish also to expand my knowledge in photography in doing so to show my workings and research into this blog.

I am currently studying  foundation degree in commercial photography at the Plymouth College of Art. My history of photography in employment involves working with people i know, taking photographs of them. I also work on personal projects where i travel from city to city grasping a feel for the place in photograph to show to the public online. I have also captured the time of the Exeter bombings on camera which then became to be in a newspaper the day after. I am available for any type of shoot or even to purchase my photographs printed at a small fee.

My future objectives are to keep creating and building my knowledge through practice and shoots for potential clients. I currently have knowledge in studio, location, Adobe Photoshop and light-room and very competent on computers and with the camera technically. I will keep gaining knowledge through my personal practice whilst in University. For now I am available to do shoots for people I am also available for you to browse my images and have them mounted and printed.

You can contact me on:



Telephone: 07583468065




4 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Hi Janine. It’s funny that we have the same name. Your pictures are excellent! Do you do action photos also? I am a partner in a Performing Arts Competition Company and we are looking for someone for our upcoming Competition on May 4th. My son goes to Mass College of Art, so I thought it would be nice to ask another art student to participate. We also need a Videographer. Let me know you thoughts.

    Janine Harrison, Treasurer
    Platinum Performing Arts Competition

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